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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Kender Troubles Continue

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Frostkolt 16, 420 AC

Palanthas - Kender numbers are still rising, as are the number of incidents stemming from members of this diminutive race.

The increasing numbers of kender within Palanthas are causing a great deal of alarm amongst its citizens. A coalition of representatives from various business guilds and citizen organizations went before the Senate to demand something be done.

The Senate took the matter under advisement and debated the issue for three days, but deadlocked on how best to deal with the Kender problem. When no action was forth-coming from the Senate, the people took their concerns directly to the Emperor but were stonewalled by his spokesman, Lord Amstern Chesney.

"His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Jaymes Markham, is aware of the situation and has every faith in the local officials and the Guard in dealing with the unpleasant infestation."

Meanwhile the trouble on the streets continued to escalate with lost personal items, damaged stock and destroyed property. It took an alarming incident with a powerful magic item for the Senate to take action.

"A little lady by the name of Jodie Tootsweet, got her hands on a magical wand ensorcelled with some kind of telekinesis spell," said Wilfred Brahm, a noted sage. "Somehow she learnt how to activate it and there was a rash of sightings of things floating through the air, accompanied with lots of giggling. Things turned dangerous when one of her companions dared her to use the wand to juggle coals from a fire. As a result, The Black Swan Inn suffered severe smoke damage to it's common room. Worse yet, objects are still turning up in the strangest of places, the donkey from the flour mill on River Street turned up on the roof of the Temple of Branchala three doors down."

In response to the incident the Senate voted unanimously to appoint a taskforce to find solutions to the kender problem. Senate Chairman, Benton Uth Fradeth held a conference on the steps of the Senate in which he announced the formation of a taskforce to deal with the situation. "We in the Senate believe this matter can be solved peacefully," said Uth Fradeth. "To that end we have ordered the creation of a new taskforce to be headed up by Wilfred Brahm. We chose him rather than a member of the City Guard as this is a civic matter, rather than a law enforcement matter. I am confident Brahm and his team can find the solution for which we are all looking."

In the meantime, the City Guard has agreed to step up their patrols and to round up the out of control kender.

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