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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Lady Abercrombie Missing!

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Frostkolt 16, 420 AC

Palanthas – Less than a day after her marriage to Lord Ian Abercrombie was nullified by the Church of Shinare, Lady Marissa Abercrombie was reported missing.

According to the proprietor of Myrtal's Roost, who asked not to be identified, Lady Abercrombie nee Ravengaard was staying at the inn after the split from her husband Lord Ian. "Lord Abercrombie had paid for a month's worth of lodgings for Lady Abercrombie whilst Lady Abercrombie was making preparations to return to her family's holdings in Ravengaard Keep," said the proprietor. "However, she never returned to her room last night."

Lady Marissa is the youngest daughter of Malcolm and Illyana Ravengaard. According to records contained at the Temple of Shinare, She was married to Lord Ian Abercrombie five years ago as part of an arranged marriage. The marriage was a rocky one as Lady Marissa could not deal with her husbands well known indiscretions.

When asked about the disappearance of his ex-wife, Lord Abercrombie told the Herald, "Marissa is her own woman now. She probably ran off with some secret lover. In any case, her welfare is no longer any of my concern."

City Guard investigators have commenced a search, but have turned up no sign of the former Lady Abercrombie. "We have searched Lady Abercrombie's room at Myrtal's Roost for clues to her whereabouts," said Sergeant Tolin Drasil of the City Guard. "We found no indication Lady Marissa was taken forcibly from the room. We also conducted a search of Lord Abercrombie's manor with his permission, but again found nothing. At the current time, we must assume that wherever Lady Marissa is, she desires to be there."

Several patrons of Myrtal's Roost the evening before report seeing Lady Marissa spending the evening talking with a silver-haired elf, before the pair left the inn, which is the last time Lady Marissa was seen.

"I've seen that elf before said", Regis Hardtack, a local baker. "He was at that Oakhurst Manor place, when I made my daily deliveries; always had a pretty lady on his arm too. Never talked to him though, those Silvanesti are too insufferably arrogant for my liking."

"I hope Lady Marissa is okay," said Ethan Oakhurst IV, great, great grandson of Ethan Oakhurst I who founded Oakhurst Manor. "However, I fail to see what her disappearance has to do with Oakhurst Manor. That said, we will be happy to cooperate in any way with the City Guard."

Adventure Hooks

The heroes have been tasked with locating the missing Lady Abercrombie, by a mutual friend. This friend believes Lord Abercrombie had something to do with the disappearance. She suggests seeking out the mysterious elf and getting him to tell what he knows. The case should lead the heroes to the mysterious Oakhurst Manor

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