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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Afterwatch Hour rising 24
The Palanthas Herald

Town Explodes!

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 10, 420 AC

Brasdel – The town of Brasdel has exploded!

According to local trapper Daniel Pierrick, he was returning from a hunting trip on Bakukal and saw the center or town explode.

"I was glad to be getting back to town after several weeks of trapping. As I got to the edge of town, I heard a loud crack, followed by a boom, and then everything went dark. I backtracked back the way I came, until I could see again. The town was completely obscured by smoke. I wanted to go in and help but I knew that until the smoke subsided I would only be putting myself in danger."

It took several hours for the wind to sweep away the smoke enough for rescuers to take stock of the situation. Crews discovered that all buildings in the center of town and for several blocks around had been leveled, leaving the whole area a blackened crater. The bodies of those caught near the blast littered the edge of the crater.

Pierrick was part of the rescue crew who responded to the scene. "It was horrendous. There were bodies everywhere. Kind of reminded me of when Emperor Markham turned the bombards on Vingaard. Unlike then, though there was no sulfurous smell after the blast. This smelled almost like lightning striking the water. The weirdest thing was at the center of the crater. There were two glowing women touching palms and hovering over the crater. Their features were indistinct, but they kind of reminded me of the blind woman I found in the hills a couple months ago. Hugo Montressor went into the crater to pull them apart, but as he approached the women he grew indistinct and disappeared.

Though response from the Emperor has been slow in coming, The Halls of Healing in Palanthas have already dispatched a relief caravan to bring much needed food, water, and medicine to the disaster site. Rumor has it Revered Daughter and Platinum Mystic, Clarissa Thurston herself is leading the caravan.

Emperor Markham has declared a State of Emergency in Brasdel and is freeing up funds for the shattered town. He provided this brief statement:

"We will do everything possible to help the residents of stricken Brasdel and also do everything we can to insure such a fate does not befall another town. I know the people are hurting now, but they will have to persevere until our relief can reach them."

The Orders of High Sorcery has dispatched investigators to determine the cause of the explosion, and to determine what danger the glowing women pose. Representatives of the Orders declined to comment on the situation in Brasdel.