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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 20
The Palanthas Herald

Village Purified by Sacred Fire

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Darkember 20, 420 AC

Fayd – The village of Fayd and all its inhabitants have been purified by fire.

On Bakukal, Grand Inquisitor Jonas Moffin and the 75 men of the 3rd Heresy Scourge Platoon marched into the town of Fayd rounded up the inhabitants of the town, and locked them the in the hut belonging to the village chieftess. The Heresy Platoon then began systematically slaughtering the village's wolves, before ceremoniously burning the hut containing the women.

"These hussies deserved no less than the torch," said Moffin. "Yes burning them alive is gruesome, but only through sacred fire can their spirits be redeemed in the eyes of Bah'mhut and his holiness the Kingpriest."

Fayd has long been considered to be a threat to the Faithful of Istar as it is populated entirely by women who engage in the heathen practice of witchery and take wolves as their consorts. The sect is said to have been founded a vile black robed wizardess, named Isobel Wolfmistress. Wolfmistress is said to have used foul magic to lead other women to stray from the pure faith and join her coven of wolf-lovers. Whatever the case, the village of Fayd has now been purified by fire.

"This will not be the last such, bastion of heresy we scourge," declared Moffin. "There are hundreds of other such communities across Ansalon that need the touch of sacred fire and we shall bring it to them."

Several members of the 3rd Heresy Scourge Platoon, including Ryan Southward reported seeing a large shadowy wolf stalking around the village. Southward told the Times, "I was positive I had noticed a larger than normal wolf stalking the edge of the village. Several of my brothers in arms reported seeing the black wolf too. But each time we got close it seemed to fade away in shadowy smoke, like it wasn't even really there."

Moffin dismissed the claims of the shadowy wolf saying only, "What harm can a mere shadow do?"

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