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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Dragon's Night Time Assault

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Darkember 13, 420 AC

Vingaard - The dragon seen flying last week over the Great Tourney has attacked Castle Ashward Kirinor night in an apparent effort to find Marianne Ashward, the daughter of Lord Jonan Ashward. The castle guardsman fled in terror as the great beast tore through the strong stone walls of the young noblewoman's chambers.

"Me mistress weren't there," said Betsy Tomas, Lady Marianne's maid. "She'd had a great fight wit' 'is Lordship an' 'ad run away agin. Me mistress's a spirited lass and 'as often eluded 'is Lordship's grasp."

The great wyrm continued its search through the castle for several minutes causing extensive damage, but when it became clear that it wouldn't find its prey, it flew away. Thankfully there were no injuries more serious than a sprained ankle.

"We thought it was going to keep searching for her Ladyship forever," said Hanak Grisvol Chief Man-At-Arms of the Castle. "But then all of a sudden it let out a roar of fury that shook the ground like an earthquake, then took off disappearing into the night."

It is not clear why the dragon wants the young woman, but several learned sages have suggest theories ranging from the simple, - lunch, to the exotic - it is seeking a pure woman to sacrifice in some dark ritual in an effort bring back all dragons. A less learned opinion was put forth by the Lady's maid.

"Grumpy Grisvol says the dragon was angry when 'e coul'n't find me lady, but I says dats hogwash. 'e roared with 'eartsore pain, not anger. And I swears on me lady's life dat I saws a tear rollin' down 'is cheek." Tomas swore with her hand placed over her heart. "I think that while me lady was out seekin' mischief one time dat she met the beasty and it fell head over tail for her. Dats just the kind of 'ow me lady is."

Jonan Ashward has sent word to knights all across Solamnia asking to keep an eye out for his elusive daughter Marianne.