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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Gnomish Astronomer Discovers Reorx's Hammer

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Darkember 5, 420 AC

Mt. Nevermind - A gnomish astronomer has discovered what she says is the Hammer of Reorx.

Galatea, a member of the Astronomy Guild, claims to have seen the massive object she dubbed, the Hammer of Reorx, through a device she invented called a "telescopic array."

"My device takes spyglasses of differing magnification and merges their properties into a unified whole. Clockwork mechanisms track objects in the viewfinder on a minute to minute basis. It was over the span of a week that I noticed the object as it slingshot out of orbit around Reorx. I have named the body Reorx's Hammer; however at the moment the name is unofficial as it is still in the naming committee. If my calculations of its trajectory and vectors are correct then it will hit Krynn in about two month's time," said Galatea.

Reorx is a celestial body that revolves around the planet of Krynn. Certain gnomes in Mount Nevermind have speculated that Reorx and other similar celestial bodies do not revolve around Krynn, but around the sun. These comments are not well received among the old guard of the Astronomer's Guild, nor in communities outside the mountain.

Galatea's device and findings are the subjects of much controversy in the Astronomy Guild of Mount Nevermind. Master Craftsgnome, Gordus Aldrin speaking on behalf of the Guild told the Herald, "Craftsgnome Galatea should not have gone public with her findings without Guild approval. Her device will undergo rigorous testing to determine how she was able to arrive at such nonsensical conclusions. Personally it is my belief that such a device cannot possibly work. For one thing it is altogether too small to work properly. We shall know the truth when the results of the review are published in six months."

The Church of Paladine has called the gnome's findings, " rubbish, pure hysteria intended to frighten people." They place no value on the information and have dispatched a Querist and escort to deal with the problem.