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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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War Games Interrupted

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bracha, Gildember 20, 420 AC

Gwynned - This week a game being played by several children from a number of noble families was interrupted by an intruder.

Winifred Chaucer, the 11 year old daughter of Lord Geoffrey Chaucer, and her friends including 12 year old Andrew Falworth, second son of Lord Falworth were playing Cavaliers and Bandits when they noticed a goblin entering the villa belonging to the Chaucer's. "We were playing Cavaliers and Bandits," said Chaucer who was fully and magnificently decked out in her battle gear – a saucepan helmet, a cookpot lid shield and a wooden stick sword. " I was leading my fellow riders in hunting down the bandits. We had just spotted Andy and his thugs, and were just about to launch a dual pronged attack when we spotted him, a goblin! So instead, we all teamed up and attacked him!"

"We all whacked the bandit with our sticks, it made him really mad! He tried to hit me with his sword, but Andy whacked him on the elbow and the gob almost dropped it! Andy was glorious!". Falworth attired similarly to Chaucer turned beetroot red at Chaucer's praise.

"Then the coward ran!" Winifred said. "He cast a spell and swoosh he was gone, running so fast not even Andy could keep up and he runs really fast too!"

The families of the children have collectively placed a bounty on the head of this brazen thief. The children are to be commended by Emperor Redic for &defending the Empire" from vandals.