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Kirinor, 13th day of Darkember, 432 AC
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Hunters Discover Cause of Hillhome Owlbear Menace

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bracha, Gildember 20, 420 AC

Hillhome – Recent attacks by owlbears has prompted the Neidar village of Hillhome to find out the cause of what has been described as "unnatural behavior."

"Aye, it turns out that a group of nutcases was behind the attacks," Somerled Groundspirit said. According to the dwarf earth mystic, the owlbears were prompted into action by a group of druids known as the Purifiers.

"Them Purifiers be here about a month back. Tried telling us that we needed to close a mine we just opened. Something about the living Krynn being hurt. A week later, the owlbears came. Now I think I would've known had the living Krynn been hurt, being an earth mystic. Yet they wouldna believe me, claimin' to have a stronger connection to the world since they be followers of Chislev." [spits]

Events came to a head last Palast when a dwarven child was maimed by an owlbear. An emergency meeting by the elders of Hillhome was convened, and a group of hunters was assembled to put an end to the "owlbear menace."

"I demanded to be part of the group," Groundspirit said. "I be knowin' that these attacks weren't natural. No need to be killin' owlbears for no good reason."

Following the owlbears' trail, the hunters discovered the camp of the Purifiers. A battle ensued, leaving four dead (one dwarf and three Purifiers), as well as an owlbear.

"He was amazing!" Toffram Anvilhead said. "I ain't seen nuttin' like it. Ol' Somerled's always talked about being an earth mystic, but I've only seen him use his powers to mold metal. Always thought him a might bit peculiar for not wearin' no shoes. Yet I seen him riding on waves of earth like he was a ship on the ocean, and throwin' boulders at them Purifiers. Had it not been for him, we'd been dead."

With the battle's end, two Purifiers were arrested and the other owlbears have dispersed.

Adventure Hooks

  • The heroes make their way to Hillhome when they come across an owlbear who has just maimed a dwarf child. Somerled Groundspirit recruits the heroes to put a stop to the attack.
  • A group of druids asks the player characters to put a stop to destructive mining in the city of Hillhome. While there, owlbears attack. Who will the heroes side with?