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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Church Damaged, Governor Bans Magic

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bakukal, Reapember 14, 420 AC

Kalaman – On Kirinor the Temple of the World Tree was damaged in a Mage War flare-up

According to onlookers, the Mage War erupted once more in Kalaman. This time the spellslingers hurled their mightiest spells not only at each other, but innocent bystanders and city landmarks as well. Ten people were killed from the careless spell use, including four mages, and heavily damaging the trunk of the recently completed temple of the World Tree.

Sean Kalvert, a recent convert to the worship of the World Tree was on hand and was able to provide some insight into the events. He told the Herald, "A trio of gray-robed men was walking down the street like they owned the place. One of them spotted a red-robed wizard and hurled a ball of fire at him. The red robe knocked the blast aside, and sent a blast of his own towards the gray robes. Several more mages appeared out of no where behind the gray robes and the fight was on. It got really chaotic, really fast. Several members of the Legion of Steel rushed in to stop the fighting, some using spells themselves. There was lots of fires and lots of people running for cover. Several blasts hit the trunk of the temple, fusing several of the lower branches and a few windows to slag."

In response to the actions of the mages, Govenor Highgaard issued a decree banning all use of arcane in Kalaman. "Their actions showed little courtesy and even less common sense," said Governor Highgaard. "I was foolish to think magic users of different stripes could co-exist. It is with a heavy heart that I must ban the use of arcane magic in city limits. If mages want to fight their battles, they should do it where innocents will not be harmed, but they'll battle no more in our city."

The ban on arcane magic applies to Knights of the Thorn, the Orders of High Sorcery, independent sorcerers, and even spellcasters serving with the Legion of Steel. Practitioners will still be allowed within the city's walls, but will be accompanied by an escort to ensure no magic is used."

Upon hearing the news, Kalvert said, "It's a shame the Legion got caught up in all of this. They were the only ones trying to do the right things and help the innocent. It's not right that rhey should be punished with the rest of them."

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