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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Darkwatch Hour falling 26
The Palanthas Herald

Confrontation with the Palanthas Star

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Reapember 3, 420 AC

Palanthas - Acting on a tip, our flag ship the Flaming Sword left this past Palast to hunt down and destroy the ghost ship, the Palanthas Star.

Brave adventurers had infiltrated a notorious pirate stronghold near Unger in Nordmaar and discovered that the ship responsible for the marauding of late and for almost starting a war between Solamnia and the minotaurs, was nothing more than a cleverly disguised pirate ship and some spells of a red robed illusionist.

The Flaming Sword found their prey and set upon them with a vengeance determined to end this fast, but the ship was not alone. Two other vessels joined the fake Palanthas Star in attacking the SwordThe Sword fought valiantly, outnumbered three to one, even managing to sink the most dangerous of their enemies, a powerful war galley mounted with a large ram. However, sheer numbers worked against the Sword and the tide of the battle soon turned in the pirates' favor.

David Kreig of Thelgaard, a Kingfisher serving aboard the Swordtold the Herald, "With skillful shots from our ballistae we fractured the war galley's hull, which Malkom Bartlett of Solanthus and myself then widened by spells; however things quickly went wrong. I took an arrow to the right shoulder, but poor Bartlett was struck in the chest. Then several lightening strikes, magical in nature, from the clear sky, blasted the Sword's helm to splinters, and took out the main ballista and the mast. After that the pirates seemed content to hold back and use missiles to slowly finish us off."

"All seemed lost, once the pirates boarded us. The crew fought hand-to-hand to repel the boarders, but outnumbered and weakened, were slowly losing. It looked like it was all over once Captain Hunter was disarmed. How fortunate for us that it was then that the real Palanthas Star chose that moment to come to our aid.

"D'ey taun'ed 'im, but de Capt'in didn't flinch," said Rogar Hammelson, from the "Sword". "This made dem pirates angry. Wee'sall thought wees wer dead, but den they came. Dose other Capt'ins began to swing deir cutlasses, but Capt'in Flynn just 'ppeared outta nowhere, 'is sabre saving our Capt'in. Then d'ose others was d'ere, sailors and marines, the crew of the "Star"! Dere was a chill in de air, but it weren't scary cause d'ey wer d'ere to save us. A big tattoo'd minotaur saved me. Me! D'ese mariners are the Fisher Kings Champeens sent ta save us and punish the wicked!"

Acting in unison the living crew of the Sword and the ghostly crew of the Palanthas Star slew the pirates to the man. The Palanthas Star disappeared as quickly as she appeared leaving many to question whether or not she was ever there at all.

After giving his report to the Emperor, Captain Hunter delivered the joyous news that the bounty on the Star had been lifted and all charges against the ship dropped, much to the ire of the minotaur ambassador, Santhia de Droka. He also said, "I could swear that I saw Captain Flynn salute me as his ship sailed out of sight. It is something I will never forget."


Captain Erik Flynn

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