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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Three Injured During Villa Renovation

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Paleswelt 13, 420 AC

Palanthas - Last Misham several workmen who were working on refurbishing a villa formerly owned by Dark Knight Sir Elstone Kinsaid, were injured, one seriously, when they stumbled upon a cache of secret weapons. Alarmingly not only were there mundane weapons of steel, there were also several items of magical power.

Records obtained from City Hall indicate that Kinsaid's villa, and several others belonging to known Dark Knights, was confiscated by the state after the Knights of Solamnia reclaimed the city back in the summer of 422 AC. For years it languished vacant until the Emperor took control of all such properties with the idea of renovating and selling them to raise funds for the Palanthian schooling system.

The hidden cache of weapons was protected by a series of cunning traps, which reportedly included poisoned arrows and darts, heavy slicing blades and even collapsing walls. When the first man was hurt his comrades naturally ran to his aid only to fall victim to other traps themselves. Thankfully one of the knights assigned to oversee the project; Sir Timothy Mathewson, a knight-clerist, was able to prevent any loss of life. He told the Herald, "It all happened so fast. Morty Hebner opened a door that had been unearthed only a about an hour before and two arrows struck him in the chest. Then Peter Postwhistle and Ira Longmore went into the hole to drag Hebner out, but a wall collapsed on them. I called a halt to trying to physically go in and get them, not wanting anyone else to get hurt. Fortunately, one of the Kingfishers Evan uth Rydell was on hand that day. He used his magic to both seal the door and pull the injured out of the hole. Thanks to his help we were able to save all three men."

Hebner was treated by Mathewson with curative magic at the scene and transported to the Halls of Healing for further treatment. Postwhistle and Longmore were also sent to the Halls of Healing for thorough examinations. They were treated for minor cuts and bruises, and later released.

All renovation projects have been put on hold until all these former residences have been thoroughly investigated. To that end Lord Amstern Chesney speaking for the crown issued a call for individuals of bravery and talent to conduct said investigations. Any adventurers involved will not only receive a generous fee, but also a percentage of the money made from the sales of the items found.

Adventure Hooks

Hunt for hidden cache of loot in former dark knight homes for the crown or the Legion of Steel or the Dark Knights or maybe for just for themselves.


Amstern Chesney
Timothy Mathewson