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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Emperor Markham Institutes Draft

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Paleswelt 8, 420 AC

Palanthas – Emperor Markham has decreed that military service shall be mandatory.

On Palast Emperor Markham issued a decree stating that all males over the age of 15 must serve at least two years in the Solamnic Legion. This mandatory service is intended to prop up the Solamnic Legion which over the last few months has been suffering a drought of new recruits.

Balatos Dreyl, a bookbinder by trade told the Herald, "This is unfair to the citizens of Palanthas. Many families will be hit hard by this unreasonable decree by Emperor Markham. Who is going to be left to tend the fields, run the shops, or produce the good necessary to keep the city going? Surely Markham doesn't expect women and old men to take up the slack and keep things operating at a high level of efficiency, while he sends our sons off to fight his battles."

Not everyone shares these sentiments. Abraham Silvercrown, a former Captain in the City Guard and retired Solamnic Knight told the Herald, "I think this is just what the youth of this city need. It will give them a sense of purpose, discipline, self-worth, and teach them the value of putting others before themselves. Not to mention is will make the army of the empire strong. I for one applaud Emperor Markham's foresight."

The decree goes is effective immediately. According to sources with the palace, Emperor Markham has already sent conscription squads to deliver conscription papers to all eligible males in the empire. Citizens are urged to submit themselves to the nearest recruitment center for processing.