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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 14
The Palanthas Herald

Annual Feather Fall Competition Cancelled

by Devildog, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Fierswelt 3, 420 AC

Solace - The Annual Feather Fall Competition from the Inn of the Last Home has been cancelled due to several unexplained incidences. On Palast last, a young and talented Red Robe Apprentice from Palanthas (name withheld until next of kin can be notified) fell to his death. The young man was jumping on the third day of the competition and was heard reciting the spell, but the spell appeared to have fizzled.

The death of the red robe came on the heels of several other instances in which apprentice wizards complained of something obstructing their magic. Jory Pasco, an aeromancer competing in this event told the Herald, "When I stepped off the walkway, I intoned the spell just as I have dozens of times before. This time though it felt like someone was tickling the back of my neck and the spell energy fizzled causing my spell to fail. I had barely enough time to twist my body. Yeah I broke my arm, but at least I'm alive, unlike that poor bloke from Palanthas".

The Feather Fall competition is an annual event in Solace begun after the reconstruction of the Inn of the Last home at the end of the War of the Lance. The competition involves a mage falling from the Inn and getting as close to the ground as possible before casting his spell. The one who gets the closest prior to casting the spell is the winner. The back up system (Gnome design) a pile of chicken feathers was never deployed to break the mages fall.

Local Sheriff, Gerard uth Mondar and the Mayor, Palin Majere are investigating the incident. Several kender have been detained in connection to the case. They were found going through the mage's pouches after his untimely death. They were released after a short interview and found to be innocent of any wrong doing.

No arrests have been made as yet, but a special investigator from the Tower of Wayreth has been called in on the case. And Solace Local 411, the local gnomes guild, is looking into why the backup device did not deploy the chicken feathers.