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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Evening Watch rising 20
The Palanthas Herald

Solamnic Legion Assaults Black Army Base

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Holmswelth 4, 420 AC

Jansburg – At least one platoon of the Solamnic Legion assaulted the small town of Jansberg, where Black Army holdouts had set up a base, Solamnic Empire officials said on Bracha.

The attack by the Solamnic Legion took place late Bakukal in Jansburg, said Malcolm Whiteman, the recently appointed governor of Heartlund. Whiteman told the Herald, "Jansburg was being used as a stronghold by hold outs of the Black Army. It is a small town and wasn't considered an important military target, which left it wide open to being captured by the Black Army."

A company of Solamnic Legion soldiers is permanently stationed at Vingaard to ensure compliance with the edicts of Emperor Markham. They patrol the Knight's Spur River for about 50 miles north and south of Vingaard. According to Aidan Marsh, Commander of the 132nd Platoon assigned to Vingaard, It was on one such patrol that the Black Army was discovered to be holding the town of Jansburg.

Marsh told the Herald, "Me and my boys were on patrol near Jansburg. We were checking out rumors of rebel attacks along the south Knight's Spur River. As we approached the town, we noticed movement among the buildings. At that time of night everyone should have been sleeping. Suspecting rebel activity, me and the boys moved in to secure the area. Arrows soon erupted from buildings on all sides of us, pinning us down. We took a refuge in a nearby building and secured it."

Marsh did not go into detail of what occurred during the battle, but did say that several high ranking members of the Black Army had been killed or captured. Marsh lost five of his own men in the battle; seven others were wounded.

After the battle, Marsh's forces were lead to two buildings. One housed the women of Jansburg, the other their children. According to testimony from one of the captured Black Army regulars, the women and children were held prisoner to keep the men quiet about what was going on in town. As long as their families were in danger, reasoned the soldier, the men would cooperate. The women and children were returned to their husbands and fathers and were found to be unharmed.

The Solamnic Legion has been working for months to clear out the last remnants of the Black Army.