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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Seventh Watch rising 13
The Palanthas Herald

Silver Hands Post Dandy's List

by Paul Record, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Holmswelth 4, 420 AC

Palanthas - The Silver Hands of Justice have published their quarterly Dandy's List.

Romulus Drakenaard, Master Inquisitor of the Silver Hands explained the Dandy List. He told the Herald, "The Dandy List is a report we compile quarterly and contains information on the most wanted criminals in Solamnia. This is the first time we have released the report to the public. Each of the individuals on the list is wanted for serious crimes. Information included in the Dandy's List includes the criminal's name, the crimes they are wanted for, and the bounty offered for their capture. It is our hope that by publishing the list that we will receive information leading to their apprehension. These five are the top of the list at the current time."

Veron Naitsabes
Bounties: Six, totalling 2500 Crowns
Wanted For: Several counts of murder, including the murder of the entire Reeves family, and several counts of sabotage.
He has been spotted at several points around the city such as Noble's Hill and Old City. Rumors persist he may have a hidden lair in the mountains around Palanthas. If spotted do not attempt to apprehend him, report the location to the nearest City Guard station. He is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Charlette Sirrion
Bounties: Three, totaling 3,000 Crowns
Wanted for: Racketeering, murder, and destruction of Imperial property.
Last seen wandering the Waterfront district. It seems she likes to keep company with a man who has a wolf for a pet.

Imbohl Starstone
Bounties: One, totaling 5,000 Crowns
Wanted for: High Treason
Everyone knows Imbohl. He was the dwarf mage that helped the Black Army gain entry into Palanthas. He also is a suspect in the Lily Dragon case.

Nestathalas Sunblossom
Bounties: One, totaling 1,000 Crowns.
Wanted for: treason
This little slip of a half-elf is wanted for providing shelter and healing to soldiers of Ankhar's army. She was last seen on a ship heading to Flotsam.

Sinn Fain
Bounties: One, totaling 3,000 Crowns
Wanted for: Rape
They say a woman faints every time they hear the name Sinn Fain. No one knows what he looks like; just that he was an army regular in Emperor Markham's army.