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Majetag, 19th day of Darkember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Palanthas Cup Causes Gambling Frenzy

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 23, 420 AC

Palanthas - The gambling halls across much of Solamnia and the rest of Ansalon are pulling in more business than ever with the news of the upcoming Palanthas Cup sea race. As new racers sign in, the odds are swinging wildly.

"This is the greatest gambling event since the second battle of Sanction," said 'Lord' Awin Devonshire, a Silvanesti gambler who has done well in the Palanthas underground. "Things are still in flux right now with new guys signing up for the competition. Right now the Blue Phoenix has the favored odds 1:2. The Pride of Palanthas is closing in, but I think that's home team delusion pressing the numbers."

Gambling on a race this size is illegal in Palanthas, but with the arrival of many foreigners who wish to partake in the race without actually sailing, it seems that the local law enforcement is looking the other way.

"Eh! They aren't going to interfere," said Devonshire. "What the city isn't getting from business and taxes, the lawmen are making up for it in receiving bribes. Gods bless corruption. It's the only way freedom thrives."

No one is coming public with who is tracking the odds, and several members of the knighthood have already made arrests attempting to find who is orchestrating the illegal side of this event. Rumor circulated that prior to the release of the unnamed individuals, word came down from senators ordering the knights to look the other way. Beyond the rumors no facts could be uncovered, and all officials said they wouldn't comment on rumors.

Some publicly known individuals do not appear concerned with the legal implications of gambling on the race. Jenner Brace, Black Robe from the Orders of High Sorcery, openly admits he has placed money down. "The minotaurs' Blood Horn is sure to win, place, or show. Plus I have enough finances in my estate to enjoy a little risk." When asked about the legality of the issues he smiled. "Considering how this city has caused problems for my organization in the past, I have no problem tweaking the noses of a few noted individuals here. Besides, I am also very well aware a number of them who have also placed bets." He was unwilling to give any names at this time.

"Jenner is nuts," said Red Robe Letisha Jewitt, researcher of the Tower Mages and Brace's associate. "Those steaks on legs might be good sailors, but they don't know these waters. Go Dauntless! WOOOO!"

After giving the Herald a tour of his tavern Legends, Devonshire claimed everyone was involved in the betting. "We had a couple of local knights in here. None in uniform, of course. One even had a drink with a Dark Knight and didn't even know it. I've done business with minotaurs without problem. Sorcerers are here. Wizards. Monks. One gal I swear was irda. Cripes, I had to build a ramp for a centaur coming in. No doubt gods are placing bets here!"