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Linaras, 13th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Eleventh Watch rising 15
The Palanthas Herald

Majere Inheritance Trial Continues

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Yurthgreen 1, 420 AC

Solace – The heated civil case contesting the last will and testament of Heroes of the Lance Caramon and Tika Majere rolled on into its eight week today. The inheritors of the Inn of the Last Home Palin, Dezra, and Laura Majere have had their claim to full ownership of the property by the non-canonical siblings Leaf, Kalin, Dezerell, and Kaitlin Majere. Although Judge Mantday had ordered both sides not to speak to the press, both parties and the Herald chose to ignore him.

"This is insane," said Mayor Palin Majere. "I've never heard of these people before. They walk out of some poorly written source matter forgotten years ago, and they claim they own part of the inn!"

Leaf rebutted. "We were characters mentioned in a published source. That makes us just as real as the three who had follow-up material written about them. Caramon and Tika are my parents. Nothing changes this. Just because we were retconned out, it doesn't mean that Palin and I are no longer brothers."

"That's exactly what it means!" screamed the mayor. Although the words used in the resulting exchange are perfectly acceptable for a publication such as the Herald, it would result in the article being banned by the Nexus. Therefore, we leave it to your own imagination... if you've worked as a caravan driver or Sanction dock worker.

The situation began the day after Caramon Majere's death when the four non-canon children arrived for the funeral. The hostility occurred when they realized that they would not be mentioned in the War of Souls trilogy.

"I wasn't surprised," said Dezerell, who lives in Palanthas making jeweled accessories for aurak wings. "We were always passed over before., but I was shocked when we were ignored at the will reading. It said the inn would go to dad's surviving children, but we were left out in the cold. Literally. Laura changed the locks and had us chased out of Solace by a pack of dogs forced to eat nothing by mom's old spiced potatoes. It was horrifying."

The trial turned worse when Dezerell and Laura's verbal shouts in the courtroom grew to a fistfight. Both claimed to be the eldest surviving sibling, and Dezerell lunged at Laura to grab a necklace she said she received from her mother when she was young. The fight ended when Dezerell was struck by a table wielded by Dezra. Judge Mantday warned if anything like that happened two or three more times, he may have to start threatening to find people in contempt of court.

One non-canonical sibling, Melody Majere, has refused to take part in the trial. Instead the cleric of Banjo, God of Puppets, tends to drow, lycanthropes, and tarrasques injured by the collapse of Dargaard Keep. The Palanthas Herald has begun a fund to assist in this worthy cause. Please send money in multiple small bills to Editor-in-Chief Ravenmantle, Palanthas Herald, P.O. Box DL3E, Shoikan Way, Palanthas, 01863.