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Bracha, 19th day of Gildember, 432 AC
First Watch rising 11
The Palanthas Herald

Gully Dwarf Rat Parade Ruins Midnight Ball

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Misham, Newkolt 25, 420 AC

PALANTHAS – The Midnight Ball, an annual gala charity event for the nobility of Palanthas, came to an abrupt halt last Palast when the dance hall of Lady Marceline Salas was invaded by a procession of giant-sized rats with red glowing eyes. According to witnesses, the procession was led by a gully dwarf, who also had red glowing eyes.

"The whole affair was most dreadful!" Lady Salas said. "I was in my nice new satin gown when these horrid creatures ruined the whole thing! The worst part is that I smelled the little buggers before I ever saw them!"

"Our investigations do show that a horde of giant rodents did, in fact, travel through the ballroom," City Guard official Dalfin Reven said. "We traced the tracks to a sewer drain. Rest assured that this incident will receive the attention that a case of this...importance deserves. Never fear, for the City Guard will do all it can to protect those old hens."

Lady Marceline Salas refused to comment further, but has offered a reward of 2,000 steel pieces for information leading to the arrest of the gully dwarf. The temple of Mishakal is looking over the guests to make certain that the oversized rats did not spread any disease.