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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour falling 25
The Palanthas Herald

Ancient Relic Stolen from the Academy of Ergoth

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 4, 419 AC

Gwynned – The ancient Ogre Relic discovered in the Sentinel Mountains a week ago has been stolen from the vault of the Academy of Ergoth.

Jilorus Rendic, Head of Security for the Academy told the Herald, "Last night sometime after Dark Watch, someone broke into the Academy's vault. Wards were triggered, alerting me to the opening of the vault, but by the time I arrived the culprit was long gone. An inventory this morning of the contents revealed that only one item was missing; a crudely carved coal statue of a worm recently discovered by Head Librarian Triskellion."

Triskellion was on hand to verify the contents of the vault and told the Herald, "Why was only this one item taken? There are many artifacts of far greater power within the vault than we detected within the statuette. It troubles me as to why someone would bother to steal it."