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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

The Pearl of Tilyssa Returns to Palanthas

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 16, 419 AC

Palanthas - The Jeweler's Guild is bustling with activity these days after an adventuring party brought home an ancient treasure and handed it over to the guild. The guild has confirmed that the treasure belonged to the legendary pirate Jacque du Paul.

"While the treasure itself is worth hundreds of thousands of Crowns, what intrigues us about it is the Pearl of Tilyssa," said Trust Letni, representative of the Jeweler's Guild. "This famous violet pearl was given to a young Palanthian noblewoman by her fiancé mere moments before the two supposedly vanished without a trace. The pearl is interesting to us due to its obvious value but its return to Palanthas has also drawn the attention of Georm Fros who's a Red Robe."

According to Letni, the Jeweler's Guild is setting up an exhibition where the citizens of Palanthas can come and take a look at the legendary treasure and the Pearl of Tilyssa. A date has not been set yet as the guild still needs to finalize its analysis of the treasure and the representative of the Wizards of High Sorcery hasn't finished his own investigation of the pearl.

"It's very fascinating," said the wizard when asked about the pearl. "If you look very closely and concentrate for a bit, you can actually see a bluish mist swirl inside. The pearl is surrounded by an orange aura which suggests conjuration magic. Now, there are some other more disturbing elements as well but I can't get into that until I've talked to some of my colleagues. I'll advice the guild not to put the pearl on display but in the end it's their call."

According to the adventurers who discovered the treasure, it was found in the Icereach and it was guarded by 'vicious, evil creatures'.