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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Fourth Watch falling 2
The Palanthas Herald

Smithies of Palanthas Set Ablaze

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 2, 419 AC

Palanthas - Palanthas was dealt a devastating blow last Misham as every smithy in the city was set ablaze. In all, 20 smithies burned to the ground and have been put out of business for at least a month.

"This is a devastating blow indeed!" said weaponsmith Frantis Goodpick. "How am I supposed to make a living now? I don't have the resources to rebuild my smithy and neither do most of my colleagues."

Goodpick was out of town the day his smithy burned down but other smiths were present in their smithies.. One smith lost his life when a falling beam crushed his chest. Several other smiths were injured, some seriously. Given the nature of the fires, the City Guard has little to go on. Nonetheless, some progress has been made in the case.

"At the Restful Hour on Misham, 15 smithies were set ablaze," said Brent Grawfellow, captain of the City Guard. "We do not know who the perpetrator was but we have been able to narrow it down to a certain portion of the citizens of Palanthas, due to the nature of the arsons which we believe to be magical. Silver Hands are investigating the matter as we speak."

While the City Guard representative was not willing to divulge anything about the arsons themselves, Reevas diGordan, local blacksmith, was more forthcoming. "I'm tellin' ya, this was no ordinary fire! I was workin' on an order I needed to finish that same evening when all of a sudden the fire jumped at me. And I mean that literally! These small fiery things jumped from the furnace and spread all over the place, settin' everythin' on fire. By the Firemaster, they looked like mini dragons, 'cept they were made of fire."

The Senate of Palanthas has ensured the smiths that the city will cover any expenses related to rebuilding the smithies.