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Majetag, 12th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Eighth Watch falling 27
The Palanthas Herald

Strange Plague Erupts Throughout City - Sisters of Mercy Stumped

by KenderBryant, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Reapember 25, 419 AC

Palanthas - A plague has recently infected the Lordcity of Palanthas. Symptoms include animalistic behavior (such as growling, howling, snarling, etc.), high fevers, cold sweats, and staring for hours at the moons. The recently erected hospice run by the Sisters of Mercy is filled to overflowing with victims of this bizarre disease.

Head Surgeon Risa Nicolai had this to say: "All we can do for now is to ease the symptoms as best we can. We have mystics, clerics, even mages looking for clues as to how the plague is spread and how best to cure it. We ask that all available citizens to come to the hospice and learn basic care for those poor unfortunates who contract this in their area. We can no longer house the victims, but we will provide education and materials so that everybody gets to be aided as much as possible."

There have been requests for all available magic users to aid in the quest to find a cure so as to contain this disease as swiftly as possible. In addition, representatives from the Halls of Healing have requested that a quarantine zone be put up around the districts hit by the mysterious disease. The infected districts are as follows: Lower Cluster, New Ridge, and Whiterock.