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Misham, 21st day of Darkember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Platinum Temple Dedicated to Memory of Paladine

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Reapember 25, 419 AC

Palanthas – Paladine's Temple, the lesser of two temples devoted to the fallen god of Good, was rechristened the Platinum Temple last Palast in a ceremony led by Revered Daughter Clarissa Thurston. Though an exact count wasn't available, it is estimate that two hundred people attended.

"The time has come to move on," Thurston said. "Paladine has fallen from his place in the heavens. Though he is a god no longer, his teachings must live on. We shall maintain the Temple of Paladine as a shrine to our fallen lord. The Platinum Temple will serve as a training ground for all those who would follow the ways of Paladine."

In her speech at the dedication ceremony, Revered Daughter Thurston outlined a plan to continue Paladine's faith in the new era. The Platinum Temple will be handed over to the Platinum Mystics, former followers of Paladine who have studied at the Citadel of Light. The mystics, under the leadership of Revered Son Henrad, will bring the lessons taught at the Citadel of Light and adapt them to the ways of Paladine. The Platinum Mystics will work closely with the Eli'nos, elven mystics who follow Paladine, as well. Thurston briefly mentioned a guardian of the temple, though she did not elaborate.

"I applaud this effort," Terris Laevon, cleric of the Flowing Flame of Sirrion said. "It demonstrates the ability of Paladine's faithful to change and grow. I didn't think that Paladine's faithful had it in them!"

Not everyone has been pleased by this turn of events.

"The god is dead, already!" Kryon Darkwind, priest of Takhisis, said. "Can we not let sleeping dogs, or gods, lie? It's disrespectful enough to keep the farce that Paladine is still alive and walking the world going. To have mystics, themselves fake clerics, come in and act as if they were priests? It's a disgrace!"

"I cannot believe they would dishonor the Platinum Dragon so," Sir Michael Hawkings, Knight of the Rose, said. "Back in my day, the faithful of Paladine didn't look to some inner power of the spirit. That's not worship. Paladine's faithful don't need any of that garbage. We have true belief, not in ourselves but in our god."

Revered Daughter Thurston stated that she would retire from active duty as the leader of Paladine's faithful in Palanthas, turning over those reins to Revered Son Henrad. Thurston will continue as caretaker of the Temple of Paladine.