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Palast, 14th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Second Watch falling 21
The Palanthas Herald

Senate Looks at Prison Security

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Reapember 18, 419 AC

Palanthas One week after the escape of Torin Bloodeyes, the Senate has met to discuss about the issue of security in the Palanthas City Jail as well as the naval prison ships. The topic was spurred after public interest in the escape. Several Senators expressed their concern after learning the manner in which Bloodeyes escaped.

"How could a prisoner just walk out off the ship," Senator Julin Kendrick said. "It's bad enough our City Guard can't prevent crime, now they can't even hang onto the criminals they have. I propose for the Senate to look into the security and perhaps bring in an outside group to overhaul our current system."

The City's Guard as of late has been the focus of several probes from the Senate in their inability to keep the peace of the city. Many of the Senators feel that the City Guard needs more training to help with these situations. Currently a city guardsman only needs to complete a one month course in the basics of law and handling weapons.

"It's a shame to send these boys into the streets barely able to hold their own," Kendrick continued. "Sometimes these gaurdsmen are the ones who need protection. Look at a couple of weeks ago when that mob nearly burned down one of the stations. They wanted justice of their own kind and nearly got it. Our guard is not one to be proud of."

Following several passionate speeches from concerned citizens and merchants, the Senate passed a resolution that would employ a private person or business to look at their current security practices. This group would then make recommendations on how to create a better security system. Even with this action several people in the crowd openly booed as the Senate moved onto other business.

"This is an outrage," citizen Roni Oklad said. "How can I feel safe at night when a wanted murdered just walks off a boat. This promise to look into the situation isn't making me feel any better. It looks like we're going to have keep ourselves safe."