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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Sirrionite Development Goes Forward

by Raistlin's Khellspawn, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Reapember 11, 419 AC

Palanthas – After two weeks of harrowing debate, heated arguments, and vicious campaigning, the fate of a request of a still-unknown Sirrionite has been decided. "Citizens of Palanthas," the Lord Regent told a crowd yesterday, "the Senate has voted on the proposal of the priest of Sirrion to develop the previously deserted area around the Shoikan Grove. It was an exceptionally narrow vote, but a decision has been reached. The request...has been granted. The construction will commence immediately."

The announcement drew a mixture of cheers and jeers from the crowd. Many were ecstatic, while others were outright furious. The Sirrionite later gave a speech himself from the steps of the Senate Hall to his supporters. "I thank the Senate, the Lord Regent, and the city of Palanthas for giving me this grand opportunity," he said, to a groundswell of support. "I am exceptionally pleased that my request was finally granted. I have construction crews waiting just outside the city walls, and they will begin work tomorrow. My first renovation will be the conversion of an old manor into a temple to my god, blessed is his name. I pray that I may continue to enjoy your support through this time."

The Sirrionite has also made requests for assistance of several other city institutions, primarily the Masonry Guild and the Churches of Shinare and Reorx. These groups have responded favorably to the priest, and have committed several skilled masons and clerics to the job. Oddly, the Sirrionite has refused all offers of help to build his mysterious gems that 'block' the powerful fear aura emulating from the Shoikan Grove. This has caused a number of theories to break out on how the gems are created.

"It is obviously a secret," a priest of Kiri-Jolith commented today, "and it is his to keep. But, if he is keeping it secret, I'd like to know why. Personally, I think it is because the process is incredibly difficult – or incredibly dangerous."

Others were not so complimentary on the topic of the Sirrionite's success. Senator Belius Raggendale, incensed about the results of the vote, has vowed to monitor every act of the Sirrionite while in Palanthas. "If he makes one wrong move, I'll have the fool thrown out of the city!" the Senator swore. "He has blinded the city to the immense danger here, but I won't be tricked by his 'gemstones' and powerful words."

Black Robe wizard Oltan Ceilix was also furious the motion passed, but he didn't deign to comment on the issue, muttering only that "the fool will learn what happens when he messes with Black Robe magic."