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Palast, 14th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Second Watch rising 26
The Palanthas Herald

Sorcerous Duel Threatens Palanthas

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Fleurgreen 31, 422 AC

Palanthas – The Cityhome was covered in darkness last Kirinor as two sorcerers, identified as the Shadow Sorcerer and the so-called "Blue Sorcerer", waged battle at the Shoikan Grove.

"It was like some unnatural thunderstorm," City Guard Tolin Drasil said. "I was patrollin' the Shoikan Grove area, trying to keep my distance, when everything got dark. Then I saw it – a battle between that Blue Sorcerer and the Shadow Sorcerer. Even as dark as it was, I could see the Shadow Sorcerer's dark tendrils and shadowy bolts at work. I think she injured the Blue Sorcerer's dragon something fierce, 'cause next thing I knew, it was falling to the ground!"

Witnesses report that during the battle, the silver dragon was mortally wounded. Black tendrils reached up from the Shadow Tower, enveloping the dragon, even as it let out a horrific scream. The battle continued for at least another half hour, with shadow bolts, lightning, and arcane energies unleashed on the surrounding area, damaging several buildings in the process.

"We evacuated the area as soon as we could," Drasil commented. "We only suffered one casualty - Marith Veir." Veir is identified as a local housewife whose husband is deployed with a unit of Solamnic Knights. Marith leaves behind two children, who will be taken care of by their grandmother.

The battle reached its climax as the two sorcerers encased each other in arcane energies. There was a brilliant flash of light, at which point the darkness, the Shadow Tower, and the two sorcerers disappeared. Their two masks fell from the sky.

"You would think that my day couldn't get any worse," Drasil said. "By Joli, I was wrong. As it turns out, there was a kender nearby, who pilfered the Blue Sorcerer's mask before I could stop him. Who knows where on Ansalon the little pest is now?"

The Shadow Sorcerer's mask was given to Jaclyn Cashell, Red Robe historian, for safekeeping. "By Lunitari, this mystery has me perplexed. From what I can discern through my divinations, I don't detect the presence of the Shadow Sorcerer or her tower. Yet we cannot be sure that she is gone. Even more curious is this rune on the inside of the mask – a single word - 'Camarilla.' The word, in Common, refers to...a cabal..."

Ms. Cashell refused to answer any more questions. The City Guard has doubled patrols in the region until it has been determined that there is no more threat.