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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 11
The Palanthas Herald

Sirrionite Development Creates Rift in Senate

by Raistlin's Khellspawn, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Reapember 4, 419 AC

Palanthas – The strange request of a Sirrionite last week about refurbishing buildings near the Shoikan Grove has thrown a surprised Palanthian Senate into chaos. The priest, whom the Herald cannot yet provide a name for, has presented a plan to develop previously abandoned buildings around the Shoikan Grove. He also plans to block off the fear using magical gemstones that apparently block off the Grove's insidious influences.

This development, seemingly innocuous in its presentation, has deeply divided the Palanthian Senate. The Lord Regent would not comment on the issue, but an adviser was quoted saying 'the Lord Regent is intrigued about the possible opportunities, but wary of the concerns.' Both sides have taken this statement for their own advantage. Yesterday, the Sirrionite himself, prompted by his supporters in the Senate, made a statement to the public. On the steps of the Great Library (much to the irritation of the Aesthetics), the priest promised that the new construction would only revitalize the Old City Center.

"If the Senate chooses to support my actions – which I hope they will – then I will promise you that all of Palanthas will benefit from my plans. Lords to tradesmen, knights to mages, I want all of us to enjoy the new developments in that area. Those buildings have been an eyesore upon this city for too long. Now, they can glitter and shine like the rest of this fair city! I need only your support in this. Support me, and we'll see Palanthas truly rise to become the Jewel of Solamnia!"

According to several sources the opponents to the Sirrionite also made a speech yesterday. On a hastily erected podium outside the Senate Hall, the leader of the opposition, Belius Raggendale, gave a speech to another crowd, one containing many who listened to the first speech earlier.

"The Sirrionite lacks credentials!" the Senator proclaimed. "What he plans is just a quick path to fame and fortune for him and his cronies in the Senate. He has not given us accurate information on his gems, or even how he plans to develop the land, what he wants to build! He is withholding information we, the public, the citizens of Palanthas, need to make an informed decision. I beg you; do not support this 'Sirrionite' in his plan, for his secrets will prove to be the ruin of us all!"

"I don't know what's gotten into all of them!" the senator fumed when speaking in a special Herald interview. "These folk will follow any new scheme that is presented to them. They are so naïve! Can't they see the danger in placing so much faith in this priest?"

Perhaps the most aggravated party in Palanthas is the Black Robe wizards, who were furious about this recent development. "Who gave that Sirrionite permission to develop that property?" Oltan Ceilix, high-ranking Black Robe, commented on hearing about the issue. "And why weren't any mages consulted earlier? This is atrocious! Mark my words, the Conclave will hear about this atrocity!"