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Majetag, 19th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Twelfth Watch rising 15
The Palanthas Herald

Lynch Mob Misses Target

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Paleswelt 28, 419 AC

Palanthas – On the night of the fourth of Newkolt, a mob attempted to break into a City Guard station on the west side of town in an effort to lynch Lyber Blessed (20), a Dark Knight who turned himself in and was awaiting prosecution. Although the station was overrun by about 40 citizens during the normally quiet hours of the night, Lyber was already safely aboard a ship bound for Sancrist. Eight died in the fighting, including two guardsmen who refused to stand down as ordered, report sources within the City Guard

By the time other guards were rallied to the station, most of the combat was over. Yet a few of the mob were still on the scene and were promptly arrested.

The City Guard released a statement the following afternoon. "The prisoner, Lyber Blessed, was thought to be a probable target for vigilante justice and was secretly moved from Palanthas four nights ago on a ship heading to a secure location in Sancrist. There he will be questioned and tried away from here, where his safety could not be fully vouched.

"Just before midnight, a large group descended upon the station demanding that Blessed be turned over to them for 'expedient justice'. The captain on duty told the crowd to return to their homes but did not reveal to them the prisoner's transfer since that information was not yet deemed ready for public knowledge. The crowd then pressed into the station. The captain, knowing his people were outnumbered, ordered his men to stand down, and they initially did so. When the front of the crowd reached the locked outer door to the holding area, instead of waiting for those inside to unbolt the latch, they broke the structure in. A member of the knighthood who was assigned to the station to keep up the appearance of a Solamnic watch on Blessed was on the other side of the door when it was broken in. Those at the front of the crowd proceeded to physically remove him from their way without any type of coherent discussion taking place. Two members of the Guard present, fearing for their comrade's safety, moved in to try to safety extract him from the pressing crowd. The guardsmen were then punched and kicked, and the violence escalated within the confined area."

"Once the mob realized that Blessed was not there, many of them attempted to fight their way out of the station. Others proceeded to beat the officers, hoping to learn where Blessed was moved to. The guards defended themselves to the best of their abilities, as was within their right."

"Seven men and two women were arrested. The group was lead by one Meline Bornar, a 46-year old human whose home is a few blocks away. A warrant has been put out for her arrest along with several others."

Six hours after this statement was issued to the Herald, Meline Bornar was found in the home of a relative and arrested.