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Bracha, 19th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Second Watch falling 23
The Palanthas Herald

Gold Lancers Win Victory Over Storm Knights

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fierswelt 24, 419 AC

Milas – The Solamnic village of Milas has been the scene of the most recent attack by the Knights of the Storm last Misham, resulting in 22 casualties, including fourteen Storm Knights, and eight citizens. Herald field reporter Evran Metlan was injured in the battle, though he was able to send a missive with details of the battle.

"I thought we were dead for sure," Catharine Heartfast said. "We had heard about the recent raids and the terrible fate of Raevonford. We were working on evacuating, when those knights rode in. That's when we...we felt the blue dragon. I can't explain it. It was so frightening. I felt its presence before I ever saw it!"

According to witnesses, the Storm Knight attack followed past patterns, including weather changes and a blue dragon shooting lightning from its maw. The Storm Knights focused their attack on a recently-built temple of Shinare.

"This time, we were ready for them," Lady Merinda Uth Brishard, Sword Knight Clerist, said. "The Gold Lancers, a unit of a dozen Solamnic cavalry, were on patrol in the region. Reports of Storm Knight activity in the region came in, so we made sure we were ready. Knowing that they had a blue dragon at their disposal, we decided to have a dragon of our own."

Witnesses on the scene report that a gold dragon, identified as Aureus, led the charge into battle ridden by a Solamnic Knight wearing golden armor. The knight, identified as Merrick uth Drastin, wielded a dragonlance.

A child on the scene was saved by the dragon. "He was beautiful!" Millie Sutherford, age 9, said. "My mommy said dragons weren't real, but she was wrong. We were riding home on our buggy when the bad dragon showed up. I was so afraid I nearly wet myself. I thought the dragon would eat us, but the good dragon saved us! My mommy said she was sorry for telling me wrong and that she would read me stories about gold dragons when I go to bed. Yay!"

Though the battle resulted in many casualties, none was as great as the blue dragon itself. Uth Drastin and Aureus attacked with the dragonlance, turning the tide of battle and ridding the Storm Knights of their greatest ally. The Storm Knights quickly retreated afterwards.

"By my father's sword, the Gold Lancers beat them back," Uth Brishard said. "Their bravery in battle saved many lives, as well as this town. While I doubt the Storm Knights are destroyed, I can rest easier knowing that we won't see another Raevonford any time soon."