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Bracha, 19th day of Gildember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Starchildren Born With Elven Symbol

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fierswelt 24, 419 AC

PALANTHAS – Palanthas health officials have announced that twelve babies were born on the same day last Bracha, breaking the previous record of ten set in 373 AC. These babies are being referred to as miracle babies due to the mysterious circumstances of their births. All were born approximately an hour apart, beginning at dawn.

The babies are being referred to as the "Starchildren" due to the mysterious starburst symbol on their foreheads. Sages versed in elven lore have identified the symbol as the elven starjewel, though none have been able to offer an explanation as to why these children have it.

"None of the ancient elven texts from the Library of Palanthas mention anything of this sort," historian Tirigin Selereth said. "Though there are some obscure elven prophecies from the Age of Dreams, none of them deal with children. I would surmise that, had the elves known that human children would be born with an elven symbol, such a prophecy would be stricken from the records."

"It's a sign," Astin Locastus, high priest of Branchala, said. "The Bard King is not pleased with the people of Solamnia. The Knights of Solamnia, the so-called champions of justice, sit on their metal buttocks as the elven people suffer. The elves fought at their side during the War of Souls. Why have we not stood by them in their hour of need?"

"My colleague misinterprets this sign," Mikel Viros, cleric of Hiddukel said. "One must look for the Truth in such matters. Do we even know that Branchala is involved? No. Is he the only god of elves? No. Could this be some sort of hoax? Possibly. We just don't know yet. To start spouting out Branchalan dogma simply because of some happy coincidences is disingenuous at best."

As debates to the significance of this event continues, clerics of Mishakal have reported that all the Starchildren are in good health and that the mysterious symbols on their foreheads appear to not have any effect, positive or negative, on them at this time.