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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Senator Uth Fradeth Proposes Anti Weapons Trade Bill

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fierswelt 24, 419 AC

Palanthas - On Majetag, Senator Benton Uth Fradeth proposed a bill which, if passed by the Senate and approved by Lord Regent du Chagne, will prohibit trade in weapons in both the Merchandising District and the Trade Exchange.

"In the past months, we've seen an increase in violence. In the same period we've also seen an increase in income for the smithies and arms shops located in the two main trading districts. Therefore, I propose that we restrict trade with weapons to a specific section of the city. One option is to renovate Smith's Alley and bring it back to its roots."

So far the proposal hasn't received much support in the Senate. As evidenced by a survey made by the Herald, two thirds of the Senate is against the proposal. "I hardly think restricting trade to Smith's Alley will lower violent crimes in the city. Criminals will just go to Smith's Alley to buy weapons or get them on the black market. If my esteemed colleague really wants to lower crime, then he should take a look at the Thieves' Guild."

According to Senator Uth Fradeth, limiting arms trade to one section has several advantages. "First of all, the City Guard will be able to focus its resources on one area. Second, the criminals will have to go there to buy their weapons and this allows the City Guard to handle the situation before anything violent happens. Third, Smith's Alley will get a much needed renovation and return to its former splendor."

Senator Uth Fradeth has a lot of lobbying to do. Not only are two thirds of the senators against the proposal but the Lord Regent himself is said to be against it.