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Majetag, 19th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Twelfth Watch rising 14
The Palanthas Herald

Dramatization of War of the Lance a Hit

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fierswelt 24, 419 AC

Haven – The premiere performance of the stage production 'The Chronicles of the Lance' opened to fantastic reviews. The wartime adventure-drama received a five-minute standing ovation from much of the audience, including praise from Baron Samuval, who was in attendance.

'Chronicles' is a fictional account of the start of the Fourth Dragon War. The production was a risky affair for the Off-Stagers Production Co. At the start of last year, the troupe was in financial difficulties and sinking into oblivion.

"It was a risk," said Maygraph Mistol (745), the half-kagonesti director who owns the Off-Stagers. "The small stuff wasn't working anymore. So we're either going to go out with a massive flop or be saved by a miracle." He added, "The War of the Lance seems to have a cult following with some history fanatics. I was hoping to exploit that when I brought the subject matter up with everyone."

The performance broke Abanasinia's attendance record by using an oversized stage constructed outside of Haven which had no seats for the audience. Ticket-buyers brought their own chairs, set up picnics, or watched from the carts they rode up in. "It was expensive to build, but the advantage was there was no way to be sold-out."

Not all were happy however. Several experts on the war's history were put off by many inaccuracies. Bondi Hallaman counts himself as one unsatisfied. "It was painful. Kitiara didn't show up at the inn to tell Tanis she loved him but had to go off to fulfill an 'Oath of Destiny'. The Mishakal statue did not walk around. They didn't go to Pax Tharkas before getting blackmailed by Verminaard to retrieve the Disks at Xak Tsaroth. There was no love triangle between Tika, Caramon, and Eben. They made the heroes look like idiots by having them mistake a giant misshapen wicker basket for a real dragon, and most of all Tasslehoff was not a short female elf."

Mistol shrugged off the comments. "Fanla was perfect for Tasslehoff. What she did with the role last night was inspired. I tried to get a kender for the role originally, but none could get who Tasslehoff really was. The closest was Springfingers, but he was better suited for the Gully Dwarf King. As for the 'facts', I did the research. I talked to decedents of those involved and other historians in the area. Many of the details up there were true. As for the rest, this is entertainment. My job is to keep the audience in their seats and to have them come back. History is never as entertaining. Trust me, if we took the factual events around the Heroes and put them on stage or into a book or something like that, everyone would probably be bored out of their wits. Real life is never that exciting."

'Chronicles' runs three times a week and is scheduled to continue for the next four months.