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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Their Fleet Attacked by Pirates in Palanthian Waters

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fierswelt 10, 419 AC

Palanthas - The entire Palanthian Navy has been mobilized after a small merchant fleet was attacked on Bakukal just outside the Bay of Branchala.

The merchant fleet, set to arrive in Palanthas the day after the attack, was brutally assaulted by what the only surviving crewmember described as "evil men enjoying their work". By magical means, someone aboard one of the vessels successfully contacted the harbormaster of Palanthas who raised the alarm soon after. According to a source within the navy, a fleet of five ships was dispatched.

"Unfortunately, Captain Dunbarra and her ships were too late to save the crewmembers of the merchant fleet," said the source. "When they arrived at the scene, the attackers were already too far away for Captain Dunbarra to catch up with them."

However, according to the source the attackers left a clue as to who they are. "Naturall, the merchant vessels were all stripped of anything valuable. We did find a dark blue silk ribbon tied around the neck of the captain of the main vessel. This is the trademark of the legendary pirate Jymes "Blue Blood" Zigoar. Why he's chosen to raid Palanthian waters, we don't know. Normally, he sticks to the seas surrounding Ergoth."

Those marines who boarded the plundered ships brought back reports of unspeakable acts of evil committed by the pirates. "Aye, 'twas horrible! Blood everywhere. The poor crewmembers had obviously been tortured before they were slain," said one marine. "I wanna help make sure that these animals are brought to justice and I know my buddies feel the same way. Such evil cannot be allowed to exist in the world. Especially not near our families."

The merchant fleet was part of the Their empire's massive fleet and, according to the Their family, it was transporting a shipment of exotic animals to be used in one of Lord Their's newest business adventures. Lord Their has promised a hefty reward to whoever brings him Jymes "Blue Blood" Zigoar, dead or alive.

According to our source within the navy, the pirates used magic to accelerate their speed when fleeing the scene. "Captain Dunbarra says that no vessel can sail as fast as the pirate ships did without some kind of magical aid because the winds were almost nonexistent at the time and yet the ships were extremely fast."

Bahal Villem, admiral of the Palanthian Navy, has mobilized the entire navy and the ships will increase their patrols of the waters surrounding the Bay of Branchala while also searching for the pirates sailing with Jymes Zigoar.