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Majetag, 19th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Twelfth Watch rising 14
The Palanthas Herald

Kender Population Boom in Palanthas

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fierswelt 3, 419 AC

Palanthas – Over the last several years, Palanthas has experienced a population boom due to the number of refugees coming to the city to escape the war torn regions in the south. However it appears that Palanthas is also receiving more and more kender who no longer wish to live in Hylo.

Dalefinder Formalcoast, a middle-aged kender, is one of many who have transplanted their entire families to Palanthas to look for a new life. "I miss Kenderhome. I do. But it is how things are over there with Belladonna that made me come here. I appreciate what she's done with knocking off so many of the less-nice dragons over the years, and what with a few of those scuffles with armed men that wanted to break in and take our stuff. Yet, for the last few years, what with the biggest less-niciest dragons all gone, I had hoped things would go back to how I remember them when I was young. They haven't. Those who came from Kendermore seem to be getting more nervous and jumpy. It's not only in Kenderhome either but all of Hylo. It just isn't fun there anymore."

Many kender interviewed, many who had family roots in Hylo for centuries, stated similar claims. Although the details of their stories varied wildly (and unbelievably), a common thread remained. When several expeditions to the Desolation failed to return, Queen Belladonna began to tighten up Hylo's defenses claiming that enemies are attempting to prevent them from returning to Goodlund.

Dana Streambed, who came to Palanthas with her aging parents said, "I overheard a captain who had heard from major who had talked to a general's third-cousin twice-removed's brother who was uncle to that very same captain say that she was planning to lead an army back across Ansalon to force their way back to where Kendermore used to be. Operation 'Reverse Flight' he called it. How neat is that!?" This claim has not been verified.

Locals are not amused. Captain Dasis Cory of the Guard said, "The number of complaints of stolen items has been steadily increasing, and there are only so many we can catch and round up before putting them out of the city. To make matters worse I even encountered several kender who own their own homes here, so we couldn't keep them out once the items were returned. Don't ask me how they bought their homes. I asked and regretted it."

"They are a menace," said Karen Metabah, local stonemason. "I don't understand why they are released. Theft is theft. This leniency with the kender-rodents has to stop! I've been robbed four times in the past week, and it was only this last time my things were returned. I don't care if they don't like Hylo anymore. Round them up and ship them back!"

All attempts to gain accurate numbers of kender entering, staying in, and leaving the city have failed.