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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Assassination Attempt on Teyrian Ambassador

by Weldon Chen, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Holmswelth 19, 419 AC

Palanthas - Last Week, the arriving Teyrian Ambassador Targarek was attacked while entering the city, causing the City Guard to scramble to protect the dignitaries. An arrow was fired on the ambassador who escaped injury, but lost one of his body guards in the attack. The delegation was immediately rushed beyond the city walls straight to the city government buildings while the City Guard searched for the culprits.

The arrival of the ambassador was widely anticipated when Githangel Aurrafil, Kalaman's Ambassador to Palanthas announced the draconian's intention to visit the city and possibly establish diplomatic relations with the city as well as Solamnia itself. The delegation of draconians numbered over fifty draconians, which were greeted by Senator Quiranna Westgilt accompanied by Kalaman's ambassador Gilthangel Aurrafil and Sanction's Deviton Keplar.

The actual attack occurred when the Palanthan officials escorted the draconian delegation toward the city's main gates. Sources within the City Guard report that an unknown assailant fired arrows from atop on of the city walls. A draconian bodyguard lost its life protecting Ambassador Targarek, turning to stone. Witnesses described the scene as pandemonium as Westgilt, the three ambassadors, and several draconian bodyguards were rushed into the city. Tensions remained high for the rest of the rest of the week as the draconians left outside of the city gates have set camp to the west of the city.

Dalfin Reven, the recently appointed representative of the Silver Hand had this to say about the incident: "We ask that the city, and the draconians visiting the city, remain calm and let the City Guards and the magistrate deal with executing the law and finding the culprit or culprits involved. We are still trying to reconstruct the crime, and guards searched for snipers, but there are some significant clues. Four individuals were found in the vicinity of the spot where the archer may have fired the arrow."

"Originally each of the suspects seems to have a motive for attacking the ambassador, even the Crown Knight who showed an understandable level of distrust for the draconians. Alan Starkin, originally questioned for being at the city walls, has been cleared of charges as the shooter, after it was discovered he was under orders to watch an individual named Dirk. Alan recognized that Dirk was lying when he told the City Guards that Dirk was from Sancrist. We have uncovered a Nerakan spy, who we initially believed to be the assassin."

"However, thanks to the help of a mage from the Solamnic Auxillary, we were able to determine that he was not the shooter, and he currently is in the city jail. At the city walls, there was also a person named Bessanthanala, a Qualinesti who may have attacked the draconian for the invasion of her homeland many years ago. We are also questioning a Lady Cori uth Wistan who, I might add, is not related to the legendary family in Sancrist. The Solamnian told me that the Kingfisher among the four of them distrusted the draconian ambassador, especially a wild-sorcery-wielding Bozak. The Solamnian was later cleared of being the shooter as well. We will get to the bottom of this."