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Bracha, 19th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Last Watch falling 3
The Palanthas Herald

Storm Knights Destroy Raevonford

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fierswelt 3, 419 AC

Raevonford – Reports from the Solamnic countryside continue to pour in regarding the Knights of the Storm, a group of former Dark Knights whose agenda is largely unknown. With reports of murder, corruption of water systems, and unnatural storm movements, the new knighthood is making a name for itself.

Yesterday, the Knights of Solamnia announced that the village of Raevonford had been destroyed by the Knights of the Storm. The Knights of Solamnia offered no comment on the tragedy, save for a statement of remorse to the families of the fallen and a vow of justice.

Field reporter Evran Metlan has sent a missive to the Herald with further details. According to Metlan, the primary targets were Raevonford's only notable sites – a statue commemorating Sturm Brightblade, and a temple to the fallen god, Paladine. Over 150 people were killed, and 18 others wounded.

"It was a grizzly war zone," Raevonford survivor Paulina Norgaard said. "The clouds came upon us on what should have been a sunny day. Lightning struck everywhere, and fire broke out. The rain couldn't do anything about it. That's when I thought I heard thunder, save that it wasn't thunder. It was hooves. Knights riding horses just charged in, causing all sorts of mayhem. That's when...when the dragon came out of the sky, shooting lightning out of its terrible mouth, destroying the statue..."

Reactions on whether Raevonford should be rebuilt or not have been mixed from the remaining citizenry. Members of the Parsons are on hand, providing relief effort, escorting the refugees to Dragon's End.

"We will find them, and we shall bring forth the righteous fury of Kiri-Jolith," Lady Merinda uth Brishard, Sword Knight Clerist, said. "By my father's sword, we shall find them."