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Majetag, 19th day of Darkember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Herald Investigator Lost At Sea

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Holmswelth 5, 419 AC

Goodbay – Romedale 'Rom' Hevelspar (65), a Palanthas Herald investigator, was lost at sea when his transport ship the Gale Dancer sunk beneath the waves northwest of Abanasinia on the First of Holmswelth. The Gale Dancer had 43 aboard including passengers and crew when in route from Goodbay to Caergoth. All but one are presumed dead. The ship is believed to have been caught in the Gale.

Although Rom had never submitted articles for print to the Herald, Rom has for years done foreign investigating for those of us who cannot get away from the offices here in Palanthas. Rom was following a lead in the origins of the tuition money for lower-class Nerakan/Jelek students attending Palanthas University.

In the week before his death, Rom relayed evidence that the tuition money that arrived in Palanthas from Goodbay, Abanasinia, was transferred onto that ship from a boat that came into port from Kenderhome. From other sources, it appears the payment originated from (or at least was transferred through) the kender town of Hidal. Rom was on the first leg of his journey to forward the investigation when the tragedy struck.

The one survivor, First Mate Kervance Toyl (35), recently awoke from a week-long coma caused by head injuries. He has made claims that the Gale Dancer was already far clear of the Gale when something struck the underside of the ship and forced them several nautical miles back into the storm. Investigators state that they have found no evidence of impact debris in the location where Toyl claims the collision took place. The only debris collected from the Gale Dancer has been found drifting on the outer edge of the Gale. No other bodies have been recovered.

Rom had two daughters (16 and 18) and a son (13) by his wife Karabel (Hobson) Hevelspar (48) of Salmonfall. We at the Palanthas Herald, many of whom have worked with Rom both directly and indirectly, extend our deepest sympathies to the Hevelspar family as well as to the families of all of those lost on the Gale Dancer. Rom was one of the great voices behind the Herald, and his loss is felt not only by us, but all across Ansalon.