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Majetag, 15th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 4
The Palanthas Herald

Mutilated Bodies of Wanted Kender and Escaped Prisoner Found

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fleurgreen 29, 419 AC

Palanthas – The body of kender Bangleheights 'Bang' Fieldhopper (31) was found in his room at Mrs. Cartwright's Bed and Breakfast last Bracha night along with the skeletal remains of escaped prisoner Bernard Lessik (39). A source within the City Guard claimed the kender was stripped of much of its flesh on one side, with a rope tying his ankle to a crossbeam beneath the cathedral ceiling in the bedroom he was staying in for the last half year. The same source said nothing but bones was left of Lessik.

Both were discovered by City Guards who sought to question Fieldhopper about the theft of the Shoikan Grove saplings. According to the source, at least two merchants brought in for questioning had given Fieldhopper's description as a kender that was present with the human male who sold them their supplies of the plants. These descriptions were reportedly only obtained after threats of arrest were made against the merchants. The source is currently withholding details on the human's description due to the pending investigation, but it was clarified that the description did not match Lessik.

Reportedly, the skeletal remains were identified on the scene by a White Robe using divination magic. The source claimed this was a shock to many there since no report of Lessik escaping custody was ever issued. Lessik was one of the 'Dark Knight Four', four supporters of the city's ousted Dark Knight regime who were found guilty of assault after one of last year's riots. Lessik was the only one of the four who failed to escape custody during the verdict reading phase of their trial. Three months ago he was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment. The prison warden turned down a request to be interviewed about Lessik's escape and why the public was not notified.

The owner of the bed and breakfast, the widow Moralina Cartwright (71), is currently missing and has not been seen for three days. The City Guard is conducting a parallel investigation into her disappearance and is currently suspecting she was abducted and/or murdered. The source claims there is no evidence to suggest Cartwright was a perpetrator in what happened to Fieldhopper and Lessik.

Officially the City Guard has refused to issue any information on the investigation at this time.