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Bracha, 19th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Last Watch falling 7
The Palanthas Herald

Red Marauder Crew Extradited As Protests Ensue

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fleurgreen 15, 419 AC

Palanthas - After weeks of incarceration, the crew of the Red Marauder was released last Palast in a secret meeting with minotaur imperial officials. Lord Regent du Chagne was unavailable for comment. However, a spokesperson issued the following statement.

"Though the decision to release minotaur prisoners to imperial minotaur officials will undoubtedly prove unpopular, the citizens of Palanthas must understand that any other course of action would have brought on a war with a fierce enemy we could not have hoped to defeat. Though justice may not have been served, the safety of the populace of Palanthas must come first."

The extradition of the minotaur prisoners has proved to be quite controversial.

"It's a coward's way out," commented Lady Elizabeth Uth Farrion, Knight of the Rose. "By giving in to a bully, you simply lay out the welcome mat for the bully's return. It's the mentality of appeasement. You can bet that this will not be the last we've seen of these minotaurs."

"Typical knightly bravado," commented Malith Draegor, city official. "When the safety of our population is at hand, a knight is always ready to march everyone off to war, all in the name of 'justice.' Tell me, where's the justice when our children are killed by the horned beasts? Where's the justice when our young men are put into slavery, our elderly are slaughtered, and even worse may happen to our women?"

The City Senate is debating on whether Lord Regent du Chagne has stepped over the bounds of his authority. The issue was debated in the City Senate for days, until Senator Calin Uth Dolstan called for a vote on Misham. The investigation has been soundly defeated, and the matter will not be pursued any further.

"Blimey, the Lord Regent hands criminals over to a potential enemy, and the matter is dropped in the Senate?" Marlo Toranar said. "Something smells fishy, and it's not the docks!"

Protestors continue to gather outside the Lord's Palace after the controversial decision.