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Misham, 14th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Last Watch falling 19
The Palanthas Herald

Mystery Surrounds Newly Found Statue of Takhisis

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fleurgreen 15, 419 AC

Palanthas – Months after being reported missing from the bottom of Branchala Bay, a statue of Takhisis was seen on the top of the western ridge two weeks ago.

Several citizens out late had made claims of seeing a red light shining on one of the ridge's many peaks. Three of the City Guard who wished anonymity confirmed this. According to an unnamed source who was part of a party sent to investigate, they found what appeared to be the Dark Queen statue originally removed from the shrine after the occupation ended. The source refused to give any names.

"We came upon it at night," said the source, "and we could see the red lights were emanating from the statue's eyes. Once daylight came the light died down, but the eyes appeared to be ordinary stone. Even the spell caster couldn't detect any spells hidden on the thing.

"The statue was taken down immediately and destroyed on the spot. The official with us stated clearly that Palanthas had enough on its plate without being distracted by relics of the past, and rather than putting up with another seeming threat he ordered us to keep quiet about this. 'Let whoever saw the light believe it was a campfire.''

"However, we were halfway back down to the city when nightfall came, and we spotted a similar light up on a different part of the ridge. Tired, we headed back up and found an identical statue, eyes gleaming, staring straight at the city. The official himself took a hammer and swung. Lightning erupted from the eyes and struck him. He almost died. Only in the morning when the eyes dimmed were we able to break it apart like the last one. We came back home, but in two nights another light was spotted on the eastern ridge. Since then the city has had a small crew locating statues and destroying them."

According to the source, nobody could tell which of the statues, if any, was the one originally dropped into the bay. "They're all identical, which makes me think none of them are the original. The only statue with anything different about it was the second. Before the official was attacked, we found a note. It was written in a foreign language, but afterwards we were able to get it translated. It was in a form of ancient ogre. It read 'We are already within your walls.'"

The source stated several concerns. Discovering who is placing these statues on the mountains is only one. "What bothers me is an upper level official of the city came with us on a dangerous climb to investigate what we only thought at the time was only a strange light. It worried me more when he had a writ of silence already filled out when he ordered us to keep quiet about what we found. None of this makes any sense, and I'm too nervous to want to know more."