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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Merchants Guild Seeks to Improve Harbor

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fleurgreen 8, 419 AC

Palanthas - On Kirinor, the Palanthas Merchants Guild announced that it has formed a commission whose task it will be to come up with a strategy for repairing and improving the Palanthas harbor. This is believed by many to be the result of recent claims by merchants that the harbor is unsafe.

"We have formed this commission because we want to show our fellow merchants that we take this very seriously," said Jena Uth Korrin, chairwoman of the Palanthas Merchants Guild. "We have no interest in our trading partners losing valuable steel when their ships anchor in our harbor. We expect this commission to have formed an effective strategy for the improvement of our harbor and as soon as I have approved the strategy, it will be presented to the Senate for final approval."