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Conservators Guild Announced in Tarsis

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fleurgreen 15, 419 AC

Tarsis – In a bold move Selena Blasim, the esteemed Lady of Tarsis announced this week the formation of the Conservators Guild. She issued the announcement during an informal conference on the steps of the Hall of Justice.

"Today is a historic occasion. For many years now, Tarsis has experienced something of a rebirth. Our economy is strong and the city has come back to life from the throes of death. Who would have ever thought I would be standing here to day, to say thank you to the one responsible? If it were not for the magically enhanced forest of the Green Dragon Overlord, Beryl, Tarsis would still be languishing in isolation. Recently it has come to light that the forest is beginning to shrink. This could have dire consequences on the economy of Tarsis."

"That is why the Council of Lords and I have decided to create a new guild to address the problem. The Conservators Guild is open to those dedicated to keeping the forest from shrinking. I invite all clerics of nature, druids, and mystics with an affinity for plant magic to join. Together we can continue to grow Tarsis economically as we continue to grow the forest naturally."

A spokesperson for the new guild, Adama Winterwren, druid of Chislev, is quoted as saying, "The Conservators Guild, will seek to first slow the recession of Beryl's magically shaped forest. This will then give us time to figure out how to halt the process all together. Other areas shaped by now dead Overlords have begun to show the same recession; however, only the shaping done by Beryl was found to have any beneficial effect."

"To begin the process of slowing the recession, certain members of the Guild, including myself, will be planting various species of plant life at the edge of the forest and using our own magic to accelerate the growth of the foliage. Other members of the guild will be responsible for bringing in creatures that will support the growth of the forest. Finally, the guild has asked that the Council of Lords impose a moratorium on logging within the forest. If you have any questions or concerns please address them to the guild's spokeperson."