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Palast, 21st day of Gildember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Crossing Wants to Compete With Palanthas

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fleurgreen 1, 419 AC

Crossing - Last month the merchant princes of Crossing voted to begin building a new harbor. According to local sources the new harbor is designed to compete directly with Palanthas for merchants and goods. This harbor has a design that allows for easy off-loading of boats while providing more security then is currently incorporated at the Palanthian docks.

"Last month my ship was sent to the bottom by a faulty crane," merchant Silas Jor said. "It snapped as it was picking up a crate and put a hole in the bottom of my boat the size a dragon could swim through. Sure those Palanthians blamed it on Zeboim but I know it was the fact that the crane was faulty."

Over the course of the past several weeks the docks of Palanthas have been the source of several stories. Several merchants have sworn to find safer alternate sailing routes and harbors that aren't chaotic. This course of action has allowed the merchant princes a chance to capitalize on turbulent times in Palanthas.

"We are hoping that merchants will see these docks as a symbol of peace and prosperity," said Merchant Prince Thomas Olionor. "We are building these docks to help create more trade as there are buyers and sellers craving goods from all over the world. Our town has secure overland roads and markets close by for merchants to reach."

The building of the new harbor began this week as parts of the harbor were closed. The process is estimated to take six-eight weeks. The cost of the project is being paid for by local merchants who believe that it is necessary for the town to grow.

"Bah! How in the Abyss is a small town from Abanasinia going to compete with us?" asked Thomas Swordsbright, representative of the Palanthas Merchants Guild. "The mere notion is ridiculous. First of all, many who come from Eastern Ansalon wouldn't dream of adding that much to their travel expenses. Add to that the obvious dangers of transporting wares through the Gale and the Straights of Algoni before coming to Abanasinia and I don't see how Crossing will ever accomplish their goal."