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Bakukal, 15th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Waking Hour rising 8
The Palanthas Herald

du Chagne Sends Taman Busuk Ambassador Packing

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fleurgreen 1, 419 AC

Palanthas/Yarus – Upon receiving a request for a recognized ambassadorship from Knight of Neraka Lady Dorcin Highval of Dain, Lord du Chagne immediately ordered the woman and her companions out of the city. According to sources, Lady Highval claimed to be sent by the national government of Taman Busuk to act as a representative for their affairs in Palanthas.

"To be completely honest," said Senator Quiranna Westgilt, "beyond the Dark Knights I didn't think Taman Busuk had a government. To think that they were going to claim representation for all of that region is silly. Were they going to speak for Sanction as well? I highly doubt that." The Senator had expressed concerns on how a member of the Nerakan forces could so easily enter the city. "Obviously the guards can't tell who is a Dark Knight and who isn't if the enemy passes by the gates wearing regular clothing. But hopefully the mind reading proposal will be accepted and stop that threat." The Senator also said, "I think the shock of the ambassadorial request was the only reason why du Chagne threw the sow out of the city instead of arresting her."

In an interview in Yarus, Lady Highval explained the situation. "For half of a century, both philosophies have clashed in violent conflicts. Much of that was in due part a result of my former knighthood being under the control of the horrid Dragon Overlords. I had hoped that having an open channel of communication between both sides would help alleviate some of those hostilities."

When asked about it being her 'former' knighthood, "Yes, I resigned from my post in the Knights of Neraka in order to fulfill this political position. We knew full well that no one of the knighthood would be allowed to set foot in Palanthas. So I left the Order of the Skull, made sure that everyone of my congregation had not been a squire, and we came. Therefore I can say Bakkard du Chagne was without merit or reason to remove us from the city. But I can understand his word is law, regardless of whatever the Senate puts down on paper."

It was inquired what jurisdiction the Taman Busuk government had as opposed to the Nerakan Knights. "The knighthood's control extends beyond the Taman Busuk borders. The government's main focus is only regional matters. Its orders can be superceded by the knighthood, but my position would allow communications between the Solamnics and Nerakans if need be. Sanction is not within our hold, obviously, but I'm sure Palanthas already has relations with Lord Bight."

Highval also said, "Although my initial request has been denied, the offer still stands. There is also an invitation to Palanthas and Solamnia to send an ambassador of their own to Taman Busuk if they so wish. Unfortunately I was escorted out of Bakkard's presence before that offer could be made."