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Misham, 5th day of Frostkolt, 432 AC
First Watch falling 23
The Palanthas Herald

Legendary Goodfellow Gives One-Time Performance In Song of Life Tavern

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 24, 419 AC

Palanthas - A legend returns home. So says the fliers being handed out to both customers and passersby from the employees of the Song of Life tavern. The reason for the fliers is that Jenas Terabar, a legend among the entertainers of Palanthas and a so-called goodfellow, will give a one-time performance later this week in the tavern where his career started.

"I'm so excited to be back!" said Terabar. "I mean, this is where it all started. I have so many good memories from this place. The smiling faces, the joy, the excitement our shows brought to our audience. A woman once told me how our show had actually changed her life, given her faith in herself and the courage to pursue her dreams. This place is very special to me."

When asked about the performance he will make in two days' time, Terabar was very forthcoming. "It's gonna be magnificent! Naturally, I'll be including some of the stunts I did back then. Some among the audience may remember my various juggling acts. Those will be included as will the trapeze and the rings of fire."

Terabar tells the Herald that he has a special treat for the audience this year. Joining him on stage will be two talented people he has met during his travels. One is a kender belly dancer named Lerisse Bluenavel who, according to Terabar, will perform a very special dance. The other is Yoranda Ek Zhiran, a fire dancer from the desert nation of Khur.

"I've worked Lerisse and Yoranda into my own performance in a way that, hopefully, will tell an amazing story to the audience. One about passion and love and a fight for freedom. These are all messages I feel are important in today's Ansalon and I'm sure that the Palanthians will not only enjoy the show but think long and hard about their own safe existence. Yoranda comes from a clan of Sirrionites who have been oppressed for ages and Lerisse experienced the destruction of her homeland so they're definitely passionate about telling the story."

The show will be free, as per Terabar's request, and it starts on the Last Watch this Kirinor.