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Kirinor, 16th day of Gildember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Tiral Okal - Portrait of an Ambassador

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 17, 419 AC

Palanthas - To many people in Palanthas the Ergothian embassy in the city is a place of wonder and secrecy. Few citizens have ever entered the building and those that have tell little about their experience there. However, citizens of the city do recognize the Northern Ergothian Ambassador Tiral Okal of Gwynned.

Okal has been serving the city for the last six years in the role of Chief Ambassador. His communication between various groups of people has enabled the city to work through several problems without bloodshed. Many would wonder why this native of Northern Ergoth would care so much about Palanthas but Okal has special ties to this place.

"My grandparents were originally from Palanthas, they and my father fled during the Summer of Chaos," Ambassador Okal said. "They boarded a small merchant vessel before the Knights of Takhasis closed the harbor. All they cared about was fleeing from the city and starting somewhere else."

Ambassador Okal's grandparents arrived in Gulfport and after a chance meeting with Tyral Redic of the Redic Dynasty they were allowed to move into the imperial palace at Gwynned. Even though his grandfather had little knowledge outside of Palanthas he was appointed to help work with the Palanthian refugees that seemed to be flooding into the city. It was through this work that Ambassador Okal's family became a part of Northern Ergothian government.

"My father served in the same capacity as my grandfather," Ambassador Okal said. "He helped the refugees as they fled here away from the Dragon Overlords. It was through my father's diligent work that the refugees in this city were accepted and their talents used to help create a prosperous place."

Ambassador Okal was chosen at the young age of five to become an ambassador. At that age he was given a private tutor who taught him the ways of the world and educated him. By the time he had reached 18 he was sent to Palanthas as an ambassador to begin communications with the Dark Knights.

"It wasn't an easy time at that time," Ambassador Okal said. "The Dark Knights were rather suspicious of me. They didn't fully trust me once they learned that my father was originally from Palanthas and had married a woman from Northern Ergoth. Over time though, they grew to trust me."

It was during his stay in Palanthas that Okal learned much about the plight that the people faced. He grew to understand their discontentment about their Dark Knight captors. With the War of Souls and the weakening of the Dark Knights, Okal was there with the unofficial support of Northern Ergoth to help the people.

These days the ambassador makes his rounds communicating with the officials of Palanthas and fellow Northern Ergothians about the city. Even with his visible limp, from the wound he got during the liberation, Okal is often seen throughout the city walking and always giving passers-by a friendly smile.