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Majetag, 15th day of Gildember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

University Gets Controversial Donation

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 17, 419 AC

Palanthas – After city funding was cut due to spending issues, the University of Palanthas has received a large donation in return for admitting a near dozen students from Jelek and Neraka. Although the amount of the donation has not been publicly released, school officials stated it will ease much of the burden they were expecting from the cut-backs.

"It's Lady Shadowbrook all over again," said Senator Uth Fradeth. "You would think they would learn from past mistakes. I guess education is something they give to the students but keep none for themselves."

Chancellor Trepallas sent a public statement to the Herald after requests for an interview was denied. "These students are looking for an education. It is not for us to turn them away. As for the donation we are receiving, in addition to fully paid tuitions, I will only say that it is sizable enough to off-set any possible depreciation in demand for other school slots in addition to the city's reduction in contributions."

With the spring semester started, the students have already moved into the city. One student, a Jelek half-ogre named Kamer Rangcol, has made statements criticizing Lord du Chagne's policies. Sources claim he has talked to other students about how du Chagne's administration allowed riots against unpopular faiths (referring to the riots at the Shrine of Takhisis), seizure of private property (referring to the rescue of elven slaves), economic smothering (referring to the overall increase in taxes since du Chagne came to power), and the criminalization of healing people who wish to see their fathers (referring to a warrant out on a cleric involved in the escape of three courtroom prisoners). The other ten new students appear to be making similar comments.

"It doesn't sound like they are only interested in an education," said Uth Fradeth. "They are here to buy off the school and spout their own propaganda in order to aid the enemy."

Herald research has uncovered some details involving the donation. Sources have uncovered that the students' families are fiscally lower class and therefore unable to come up with a money amount anywhere near what could rescue the university from hardships brought by possible political and financial backlashes. Also the steel and platinum coinage used to pay the school arrived on a ship from Abanasinia, not Neraka. Unfortunately the names of those who sent the shipment are protected under privacy agreements with the trading company which transported the money.

"The frustrating thing is that Rangcol and the others have technically not violated any laws," said Uth Fradeth. "They're not inciting riots. They're not openly calling for the downfall of the city or Solamnic government. They haven't committed any violent acts, yet. There is nothing we can do against them at this time. I only wish the school would have turned elsewhere in its time of need instead of to Neraka. Hopefully the school will fix things by returning the money and sending them home."