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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch falling 17
The Palanthas Herald

Golden Days For the Herbalists of Palanthas

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 10, 419 AC

Palanthas - Recent weeks have seen a veritable boom in purchases of rare and exotic herbs and potions. The reason for this increase is unclear but Petalfoot, owner of the herb shop "Blossoms" in the Marchandising District, has a theory.

"It is quite simple really," said Petalfoot. "The Dark Knight tyrants no longer taint the city with their presence. That means that the Palanthians once again have the extra steel piece they used to have to buy these things. I know the Dark Knights have been blamed for many things but their extremely high taxes did put a damper on the Palanthians' need to spend their money more than was necessary."

According to Petalfoot, many of the potions and powders sold affect a person's emotions. "Many of the young men from the hill up there where the nobles live come here to buy all kinds of love potions. You see, spring is here and along with it comes the many outdoor social events those people like to host."

The City Guard reports that there is a downside to this. "The amount of drugs and poisons we confiscate has increased tremendously," said Captain Jacov Riviere of the City Guard. "It's hard to control though. In addition to those of our local alchemists who dabble in that sort of thing, ships come in from all over Ansalon carrying contraband goods. We do our best to keep the amount of prohibited drugs and poisons in the city to a minimum and just the other day we confiscated no less than five pounds of the dangerous drug Devil's Eyes."

In addition to love potions, herbal medicine is also in high demand these days. Erman Flowwaters, alchemist of the University of Palanthas blames the flood of diseases and the recent contamination of Palanthas' water supply. "People are concerned about these events," said Flowwaters. "They want to have some kind of satefy, should another disease strike the city."