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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour rising 20
The Palanthas Herald

Strange Disease Targets Elves

by B'naa, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Brookgreen 27, 419 AC

Palanthas - A strange new and deadly disease is currently afflicting the elves of Palanthas; unlike normal diseases this one proves to be very resilient to any attempt to cure it.

Unlike a normal disease, this seems to selectively infect its targets. Reports claim that so-called dark elves, elves who have been 'cast out of the light', are unaffected, at least at this point. Stranger still, any attempt at using magic to diagnose or cure it, seem to reveal that the disease itself has intelligence. Divination magic has allowed the virus to communicate, suggesting that there are magical forces at work.

Yrynthalas Riennon, elven cleric of Mishakal, issued this statement, "Currently we have no way to combat this virus. traditional methods like quarantine have proven to be ineffective in preventing the spread of this disease which appears to be intelligent. It also seems to have a sense of self-preservation, as it has infected anyone who has found out anything about the disease, thus the little information we do know about it has come with a terrible price. The elven people are proud, and so this is not easy, but we are asking anyone regardless of race, if they can help, to please contact us at the Halls of Healing."

As this disease is intelligent and adaptable so the symptoms may vary from victim to victim, but the general symptoms are as follows: At first the victim becomes allergic to the light and will avoid it at all costs. During the next stage, the victim craves meat and recoils from most elven symbols. Even reading elven script causes the infected great pain. In the final stage, the disease seems to take control of the body, it is thought at this time the victim is already dead, and it is believed that in this stage the disease is passed on.

So far eleven elves have died and, according to Sister Riennon, dozens more have been infected. The cleric of Mishakal urges all elves not to panic and to come to the Halls of Healing if they suspect that they have been infected. Furthermore she ensures the elven population of Palanthas that the Church of Mishakal is fully committed to finding a cure for the strange illness and they have approached the Wizards of the White Robes in an effort to draw on the order's expertise magical phenomena.