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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Fourth Watch rising 15
The Palanthas Herald

Mishakite Vigilante Damages Water Reservoir

by Marius, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Brookgreen 13, 419 AC

Palanthas - In a flashback to bad news for Palanthas's water supply, a major reservoir basin was damaged when hostilities broke out between an unnamed cleric of Mishakal and an alleged cleric of Morgion.

According to the City Guard report filed yesterday, the alleged Morgite, posing as a thirsty beggar, attempted to access the reservoir but was refused by the Mishakite in question. A heated exchange followed in which the priestess, brandishing a mace, accused said beggar of being an agent of the Black Wind, at which point he drew a large sickle from his robes and battle briefly ensued. The alleged Morgite fled, preventing the Mishakite's pursuit, she claims, by crushing an enchanted animal skull to conjure a vile undead creature.

After a preliminary investigation, it was determined that a rogue swing of the priestess's mace had damaged the basin. By the time the gushing leak was patched the basin was half-empty and considered contaminated by city officials. The priestess is one of many Mishakites newly charged by their order with observing the city's water districts regularly, part of a Halls of Healing city-wide health initiative. Such observers are not considered members of the City Guard.

The incident has drawn much criticism from local authorities. Representatives of the Knights' Council, the church of Kiri-Jolith, and the church of Shinare were unified in their disapproval of the Mishakites' "brash endangerment of our city." Many question the increased and unspecific authority Mishakites have been granted recently, citing the unauthorized drawing of a weapon in public, open combat, and failure to notify the City Guard immediately all as direct violations of city ordinances and a misguided attempt at "vigilante justice." One unnamed source has even questioned the heretofore peaceful and orderly reputation of the Halls of Healing.

Reactions on the street are mixed. Upon hearing rumors that the priestess is a mixed half-Qualinesti, half-Solamnic youth, one well-to-do Silvanesti immigrant offered a lengthy critique of Qualinesti social norms, adding, "when you mix human blood into that equation, such reckless behavior is bound to result." Others, however, were more supportive. Long-time Palanthian couple Elspeth and Morrec Devishtor, the former a much-loved mystic and school teacher and the latter a self-proclaimed "retired" sorcerer, denounced the authorities' criticism as excessive red tape and bureaucracy. "She did a good thing," they said. "Give the girl a break!"

Excited kender all over the city have taken to bursting containers of water (or other liquids) in honor of the young priestess.

Halls of Healing representatives were unavailable for comment, but are expected to address the public shortly. Investigators have found no connection to Dravian Cattivo, perpetrator of the water poisoning months earlier, but other leads are being explored. An anonymous Red Robe wizard involved in the Cattivo incident explained that the damaged reservoir had had a "highly complex," experimental arcane filtration system. It was a strange gut feeling, however, that caused the most concern.